Here are some custom pieces we have done! These aren't our usual projects, so they aren't listed in our shop. We love doing these unique pieces and would love to make your personal design come to life! Contact us to get started on your custom designs! We also have some concepts we are working on at the end!

Our most recent sign! The customer had the stand and chain, we made the rest!

A sign for a local eyecare center!

A collection of our early fish designs!

A Custom "Hose Hanger" on a dock in Dauphin Island, AL!

The Copper Train is a local Alabama Breakfast Restaurant!

Stainless steel Turkey Tail, colored with a torch!

Street view of our copper sign for The Copper Train

Some of our customers are Falconers and asked if we could make a decorative perch for their hawks!

American Strutter is a turkey call and apparel company. We loved the way this sign turned out!

An awning cover we made and installed in Dauphin Island, AL! It even lights up!

We did the decorative emblem on the bridge in Island Village, Celebration, FL!

Closeup of the Island Village emblem!

The second panel in the cabin!

Both panels shown here!

Tree panels in a customer's cabin!

We did some work in Peachtree Corners, GA on their pedestrian bridge!

Our work has even made it onto the pedestrian bridge of Gulf State Park in Alabama!

A Concept we are working on, a metal skull plate/shed antler mount!

An outdoor scene in the works!

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